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Managed Service

Managed services help you move IT responsibilities off your plate and onto ours. We’ll work with you to identify your needs and provide solutions that maximize your efficiency and budget.
IT departments face a constant influx of new challenges, from the acquisition and merging of business units to shorter product life-cycle and increasing competition. But their ability to respond efficiently is often limited by technical workloads, subject expertise, and budget-related restrictions, causing delays and implementation shortfalls. Not being able to appropriately address these challenges can stunt growth for the business and dramatically impact the bottom line. That’s why many companies are looking for an IT Managed Services partner that can provide cost savings while delivering value and driving innovation and transformation for the IT team
At IGWET Consulting, we make your business systems availability our core business. We help you save costs through increased uptime, guaranteed response times and we take full responsibility. Our managed services take various models such as:

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  • Full IT departments’ skills outsourcing.
  • Quarterly, half-yearly, or annual support contracts.
  • Remote support through real-time remote monitoring.
  • On-demand support.
  • Project deployment assistance & staff absence relief.

Our Services Includes

  • Audit of the existing environment to build an inventory of services
  • Health check of systems and application from an availability and performance perspective.
  • Remediation of critical issues prior to taking on.
  • Deployment of Infrastructure and Application Monitoring.
  • Knowledge transfer and documentation.
  • Ongoing analysis and optimization of performance, security, and availability