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About Elzo Group

Elzo Group is a reliable I.T Services and Construction Company with over 15 years of managerial experience. Today we are proud to boast of a strong team of I.T and Construction engineers and management who thrive on delivering from huge and unique design-build projects to small building and solving your I.T problems ahead of schedule to meet your business needs.

As a corporate entity, Elzo Group has firmly positioned itself in two verticals, namely I.T & Construction. Our I.T division allows us to extend exceptional technology consulting and software development services to our clients. With incredible insight into the tech-world, our agenda is to enhance the potential of our client’s business activities and operations.

Being one of the leading software companies in Ghana, as well as in Nigeria, we create value and drive exponential growth for our customers. The comprehensive and smart I,T solutions that we provide to clients in Nigeria and West Africa are not limited to the private sector. We have also delved into the public sector as a capable and trustworthy provider of IT services. Nigeria in particular has become the focal point of our operations, as we have collaborated with various local businesses to transform their operations and provide them with enhanced efficiency.

We have precisely designed our IT solutions to help our clients attain personalized support for their businesses. Elzo has honed its ability to blend innovative ideas with modern technology to offer optimum solutions.

In terms of our construction vertical, Elzo prides itself on being one of the most trusted construction companies in Nigeria and in Ghana. Our team of professional civil engineers, architects, and other skilled experts, enables us to serve all your construction needs through a streamlined process. In the team, we have members, who are passionate, dedicated, and highly competent. From construction review, home renovations ideas to infrastructure development, and much more, Elzo Group has molded itself as a dynamic enterprise that can capably fulfil any and all of your building needs and requirements. Our team adheres to the highest standards of quality, safety and ethics, allowing us to build a lasting relationship with our clients.


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Vision & Goals

Goals & Vision

Our vision is to become one of the leading IT and construction companies in Ghana, Nigeria, and the rest of West Africa. We visualize ourselves as being the prominent force, propelling the growth of path-breaking construction and technology solutions. Through our ambition, we hope to encourage our clients to dream and achieve.

We strive to discover and deploy exemplary IT & construction solutions that help our clients achieve their goals. With innovative techniques and proven methodologies, our mission is to deliver remarkable solutions across all our endeavours.

Our values and goals define who we are. To make our business operations ethically sound, we have imbibed these values and goals:

  • Transparent Working: By simplifying communication with our clients, we aim at developing a synchronized environment, where we can obtain the best results.
  • Durability: At Elzo Group, we secure resources to create solutions that can stand the test of time. With a value-driven approach, we incorporate sustainability in our projects.
  • Rewarding Solutions: We value our client’s vision and investments; hence, we create solutions that help them attain lucrative rewards in the future.

  • Aim at Inclusive Growth: Elzo group aims at holistic growth of not just the organization, but of our clients and employees as well. Our goal is to create an environment, where all the stakeholders could feel a sense of satisfaction.

We have systematically designed a culture within the company, that incorporates ethical constructs and legitimate practices. Our team ensures that all the parties are duly listened to so that they can participate and cooperate in our collaborative framework. By following the ethical standards, values, and aiming at our goals, we plan to build an organization that can set an admirable example for others to follow.


At Elzo Group, we welcome you to take a step ahead in your career and aim at progress. With the right qualifications and experience, applicants can certainly find a space for themselves at Elzo, to hone their professional abilities and grow their careers. You can explore the opportunities we are offering by sharing your passport size photograph and resume at [email protected].


It has come to the notice of the Elzo Group that some unscrupulous people are inviting people to apply for vacant position in the company. They supply forms for completion and demand payment of fees as consideration for engagement.

Management of Elzo Group wishes to inform the general public, both home and abroad of the following:

  • It has no vacancies in any position in the company at the moment and therefore has not embarked on any recruitment exercise or asked any third party to conduct such an exercise on its behalf.
  • The company does not recruit its personnel through third parties.
  • When vacancies arise, the company invites applicants already listed on its database to attend interviews conducted by its own personnel.
  • No fees are charged during or after recruiting for any category of personnel.

The general public are advised to beware of such adverts and report such people to the law enforcement agencies.