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IT Services

IT systems and their availability are mission-critical to the smooth running of organizations. Any interruption to these systems can effectively halt the ability of a company to do business and affect customer confidence. Why would any company want to put their business at risk?

Business Challenges

Cyber crime is ever growing and mutating to different forms every day. Traditionally the cyber crimes were real for the more developed and networked economies; however, African businesses are now more networked than ever as fiber infrastructure penetrates in African countries. In addition, many investments come to Africa giving these businesses greater visibility and exposure to the world of cyber crime. Cyber crimes lead to direct revenue loss or indirect loss of revenue as it erodes credibility for organizations that have lost sensitive data for customers.
It’s important to manage security pro-actively and reduce the risk and probability of an attack. Organizations also need to increase awareness to their staff through training and finally put systems to ensure quick recovery in case of an attack.
We offer comprehensive information security services. First, we create awareness of threats to the business through educating users and secondly ensure business continuity through identifying risks and vulnerabilities before damages can be done. These services save organizations from revenue loss related to cyber crimes and maintains businesses credibility to customers. Some of our services include.


  • Network penetration testing & vulnerability assessment
  • Web penetration testing
  • Wireless penetration testing
  • Security information & events management services
  • Forensics & recovery services
  • Security training specific to these services

Our Services Includes

  • Assess existing security architecture and advise on best practice.
  • Advise on which workloads are suitable to virtualise in public/private clouds. Gap analysis to understand what is needed to reach certain accreditations.
  • Implement enhanced security through deployment of Perimeter controls, hardening, and monitoring.
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