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Cloud-Based Infrastructure

IT departments are today having to evolve to the changing needs of the business by emerging more as service brokers – leveraging the cloud where they can and surrounding the cloud with other delivery models when required.


The cloud is out there in its many guises and growing. So now it is the time to fully embrace this technology and use it for the business benefits cloud was designed for such as speed and agility.
The cloud assessment is a structured three-week engagement focused on rapidly identifying the cloud technologies that will best benefit your organization. IGWET will navigate you through the myth and hyperbole and work to provide you with a realistic and achievable roadmap to increased cloud adoption.

Our Services includes

  • Assessment of existing infrastructure and applications.
  • Design and implementation of most appropriate cloud platform Private/Public/Hybrid
  • Planning of migration approach to minimize risk and cost
  • Use of industry-leading tools to assist in discovery, migration, and optimization.